Website Design Company and Brand Image 

Website is the face value at which your online presence rests. The success of your online identity falls upon the website as it indicates how much interest your audience is showing: no of website visits, time spent, SEO ranking, and so on. But how to make all of this happen? The most basic structure holds the key to the success of any website. This basic structure in this case is the website design. It must be engaging, interactive, and attractive so that users not only get access to the information they are looking for easily but also enjoy their time while they are at it.

It is a delicate process when a website is developed because it is not a daily event, therefore, it is important that you hire professionals, especially a website design company who harbors experts in website design development, working on multiple projects, and will be understanding of your needs as per your niche and style.

But to break it down further, the following are the reasons why you must hire a website design company if and when you are planning to make your website.

Significance of Website Design and Hiring a Website Design Company

  1. Brand Image

We started with this quote that your website is the spokesperson of your brand. People will either try to find your brand in it (if you are already established) or will form an opinion as well as an image (if you are new). Therefore, it is almost like a do-or-die situation, more precisely, make or break. From colours to typography to logo, every element needs to be incorporated for the highest benefit of the brand, that the moment your audience lays eyes on it, they know it’s you!

  1. Colour Game

Marketing is part psychology when it comes to branding.  As a brand, you are always looking for places in which you can create a long-lasting impact on your audience and make them fall in love with your product/service. Colour, in this case, plays an important role as different colors evoke different emotions, and hence, as a brand, you must comply with the color you want to invoke in your audience. If it is a cereal you are selling, then trust is a factor you wish to convey to your audience, and from a psychological point of view, the color blue should be your choice.

  1. Simplicity and Layout

While advancement in technology and design allowed us multiple ways to deck up our websites, the thumb rule remains the same: CLEAN, SIMPLE, AND CLEAR. While clean and clear gives the hint towards clarity of message via content and spacious layout, it simply talks about the impact of the well-crafted uncomplicated design of the website which not only is chic but is also functional.  

  1. Typography and Fonts

Font style and typography are also connected to the audience you are intending to send your message to. If your demographic is young people, then fun and cool elements will gauge their attention instantly, while an older demographic is the one who would go for simple fonts that are easy to read. But readability is also an important factor when it comes to young demographics, which means you have to strike a careful balance between fun and functional! In general senses, typography and font should have clear visibility and are easy on the eyes when reading. 

  1. Diversity and Accessibility 

We often forget the specially-abled while conjuring a product/service. They would equally love a luxury piece of clothing or a holiday in Spain. With society advancing, there are countless mediums in which they are making gadgets specially-abled friendly so that they are inclusive in the process of availing the services. Why should your website not be specially-abled-friendly? 

Under Section 508, “Appligent Document Solutions’ professionals make your documents accessible to individuals who need to have the document read to them aloud using their computer. To read the document, the end-user employs specialized software otherwise referred to as assistive technology (AT).”

All you need to do to make your website an “accessible website’ is to use solutions like accessiBe , they will hand out a code which you need to install on your website, and voila, you’re now reaching a wider. 

  1. Navigation 

It is the prompts on your website that helps your viewers to lead their site navigation when they land on your website. Ideally, the idea is to make it available on the homepage, like in the menu bar where all the buttons for pages like about, services are available or down on the footer, all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are linked to the website so that every place brand is present, the audience can get access to all at one place, which is the website. Idea is to make it extremely easy for users to find absolutely anything on your website, for more ease, a search bar could be added that reflects the probable keywords your audience might search on your website.

While we have broken down these points quite simply, it is not that plain and simple when it comes to the actual website development process. There you need a dedicated team and experts that understand the nuances as well as have sound knowledge of marketing and brand. This is why it is important that you consider a website design company as they will provide end-to-end services, right from research, to ideation and then the maintenance of your website.


With a team of talented specialists, Team Cubeight takes pride in being the best when it comes to designing websites for brands. We believe in crafting a custom made website, suiting your needs and goals, that leads to conversions. Upbeat with all the latest technologies and trends, we put hard work, dedication and conviction in your vision along with our expertise. If you are looking for a combination like ours, let’s have a conversation and we will help you make your next best website!